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Lunch: 11:00a – 2:00p (Mon – Fri)
Dinner: 5p – 9p
Saturday: 4p – 9p

Authentic Thai Cuisine
Fresh Local and Imported Ingredients

Casual Atmosphere
No Preservatives – All Natural
Convenient Location on South Hill
All natural ingredients – No MSG added

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Most dishes can be ordered with zero to five stars
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Thai cuisine is essentially very simple and the main ingredients are rice, vegetables, fish and spices. There are not many dishes which are considered appropriate only at certain times of the day, and meals will generally consist of rice accompanied by one or two dishes. The unmistakable Thai flavor comes from the combination of chilies, garlic, onions and shallots, coconut cream, coriander, basil, shrimp paste (kapi) and soya sauce. Despite the historical influences from India and China, Thai cooking is unique in its particular blending of these flavors. It can also be commended as a “nouvelle cuisine” as there is very little fat, and meat does not feature strongly. The food is lightly cooked, remains crunchy with all the nutritional value and flavor intact, and is then served in carefully measured quantities.

Life is too short. Take good care of yourself. While you are dining with us, we’ll take care of you. We only use the finest ingredients and raw products which contain no preservatives, brown sugar, sea salt, home made broth, very lean meats and Jasmine brown rice mix. NO MSG. We hope to see you. Give us a try sometime. We’re celebrating 11 years here; ask for our Royal Thai Special! We serve to-go orders too!